Access Control

TRUE Telecom installs security systems for homes and businesss in Redding, CA, using only the best alarm systems and equipment. The access control point is the most frequently used part of the security system, and is an important consideration when planning your security system.

Access control systems allow administrators to define who, where and when personnel have access to facilities or controlled spaces. Unlike traditional lock and key configurations, access control systems replace keys smart cards, key fobs, and passcode entry keypads; non-transferrable, bio-metric credential methods include finger print, hand geometry and optical retina scanners. Access control systems have many advantages over mechanical lock and key configurations.

Advantages of access control systems.

  • Access control systems log records of specific times, dates and identification when personnel enter or leave an access controlled door.
  • When access is granted, the door is unlocked for a predetermined amount of time. If the door is held open too long after access is granted, the system can be configured to sound an alarm.
  • System administrators can specify user specific dates and times when access is authorized.

Disadvantages of mechanical lock and key configurations.

  • Mechanical keys can easily be reproduced and given to unauthorized persons.
  • When a mechanical key is lost or one of the key holders is no longer allowed access to controlled spaces, the locks must be re-keyed and new keys produced and issued.
  • System administrators can specify user specific dates and times when access is authorized.

True Telecom & Surveillance is proud to be an authorized dealer for DSX Access Systems. We chose DSX because they have a superior product, excellent support services, and an attractive price point that allows us to pass savings on to our customers. DSX Access Systems are scalable and can grow with your business whether you need one door or a thousand. All DSX software comes with a site license and unlike most access software providers; there are no annual subscription fees. DSX has been in the access control hardware and software business for 30 years, has sold hundreds of thousands of controllers and maintains a return rate less than 0.01%. It’s this kind of high quality products True Telecom & Surveillance customers can expect in access control system installations.


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