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TRUE Telecom in Redding, CA, installs surveillance cameras, security camera equipment and CCTV cameras. Options include wireless, HD, sound, motion activation, and night illumination. The need to protect families, homes, customers and business from crime has never been greater. According to Redding Police crime statistics from 2009 to 2013:

  • Robberies are up 76%
  • Larceny is up 25%
  • Vehicle theft is up 169%.
  • Surveillance camera systems provide video footage that is vital for solving crimes, while the appearance of cameras also serves as a deterrent to criminals. True Telecom & Surveillance’s expert staff will design a surveillance camera system that meets your needs and your budget. Entry level analog camera systems starting at $699 and higher definition IP cameras starting at $1,699 installed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, most surveillance camera systems Digital Video Recorders (DVR) have the ability to record sound by adding microphones to the camera installation.
Surveillance camera systems can be set to record only when they sense movement and then for a definable period of time after the movement. Additionally, areas within the camera view can be set to trigger recording while other areas do not. This is a particularly helpful feature to avoid unnecessary recording if the camera picture contains for instance, a busy street.
Yes, security camera systems have varied abilities and recording options that can dramatically improve video quality. A question that must be answered when considering what surveillance system is right for you is: do you want so get a description or an identification of the suspect? Analog cameras have a lower cost but unless the recorded object is very close to the camera, only a description can be determined (i.e an older model blue sedan, or a white male with a black hoodie and a red hat). IP cameras have higher definition, clarity and cost but will also provide images that show facial features and may lead to a positive identification. Also, surveillance cameras should be serviced periodically to ensure they are clean, focused and performing optimally.
Yes, there are many specialized features available on modern camera systems; one of these features will recognize variable light situations. The area of high light will be dimmed while the area of low light will be brightened, producing a quality picture in a variety of lighting environments.

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